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Oxygen Equipment Maintenance


An important part of remaining compliant with the evolving CSA Z7391.1 Standard is ensuring that your Medical Gas assets remain consistent with those specified in the code and are capable of meeting the demands placed on them in today’s operating conditions. 

As Medical Gas experts with an unparalleled understanding of the CSA Standard, MedCore can advise you on what components of your system may need to be upgraded. 

MedCore will also work with your facility to upgrade any and all components of your Medical Gas System when they become obsolete or non-compliant, quickly, easily and effectively. 

We can also advise you on effective strategies for phasing these investments in over time to mitigate the investment required and provide maximum flexibility for operating budgets.




MedCore supplies healthcare facilities with a full range of Medical Accessories, including:


Patient Room Furniture:

  • Overbed tables

  • Bedside cabinets

  • Custom carts

Suction & Oxygen Therapy:

  • Vacuum regulators

  • Flow meters

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